The Nine Realms of Yggdrasil

  1. Midgard – The Garden of man
  2. Alfheim – The Home of the Alfar (or Elf)
  3. Jotunheim The home of Jotun (Giants)
  4. Helheim – The home of Hel. Hel is Loki’s daughter and keeper of the Dead.
  5. Vanaheim – The home of the Vanir (Race of gods)
  6. Asgard – The Garden of the Aesir (Race of gods)
  7. Muspellsheim – Home of Fire
  8. Niflheim – Home of Ice
  9. Svartalfaheim – Home of the Svartalfar (Black Elves AKA Dvergar or Dwarves)


Heim (pronounced “hem”) – Home

Gard – Garden


My research spanned more than seven years and is credited to the following sources.

John Lindow: Professor of Berkeley

Jacob Grimm: 19th Century linguist

Snorri Sturleson: Author of the Ancient Icelandic Norse text, The Prose Edda


The Moon Calendar provided by

The Irish Invasion Texts known as Lebor Gabála Érenn