The Seidr Cycle Series

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When a great power awakens in Princess Kallan, she is taken to Alfheim. Desperate to keep the princess hidden, her abilities are suppressed and her memory erased.

Years later, Kallan inherits her father’s war and vows revenge on the one man she believes is responsible: Rune, King of Gunir. Soon, a twist of fate puts Kallan into the protection of the man she has sworn to kill, and Rune into possession of power he does not understand.

From Alfheim to Jotunheim, and then lost in the world of Men, the two must form an unlikely alliance to make their way home and solve the mystery of their past – and of the Shadow that hunts them both.

“…a sweeping, epic novel… highly recommend it to all fantasy lovers.” – Erin S. Riley, author of Odin’s Shadow
“Angela B. Chrysler has brought world building to breathtaking heights with ‘Dolor and Shadow’” – Jay Norry
“This is book one in a set that has the potential to become timeless” – Timothy Bateson

Blood waters the fields of Alfheim, as war rips across the land of usurped kings and elves.

As the Fae gods draw near, Queen Kallan’s strength is tested as she follows King Rune into Alfheim. But the Shadow Beast caged within Rune’s body writhes in hunger, and Kallan’s newest companion – Bergen, the legendary Berserk – is determined to end the conflict with her life.

As the three come together, the truth buried in the past resurfaces. Now, Kallan must master a dormant power… or watch her kingdom fall to the Fae, who will stop at nothing to keep their lies.